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Published 9 years ago

Miley Cyrus Mocks Justin Bieber Hooker Video Sleeping full video footage must seen laugh video discussion with Jessica Kardashian!

Miley Cyrus Mocks Justin Bieber Sleep Video! because I personally think that miley cyrus loves Justin bieber because if you check her twitter miley cyrus is wearing Justin bieber face on a black tank top and like um yeah so like this video that was made my miley cyrus to mock the hooker video even though the female in the orginal video is not a hooker lol she a model and a body builder so yeah like she was invited to Justin bieber hang out and Justin bieber is the one who wanted to hook up with the 27 year old model and body builder gal named Tati Neves recorded of Justin sleeping during his trip to Brazil on iphone footage which went viral on youtube front page which everyone well i'm sure everyone in the world seen it so like yah anyways so miley cyrus is mocking it which I have mention so its funny to me and kinda weird but hey miley cyrus must have a thing for the biebs lol anyways be sure to check out the link below love you all!

Link: Miley Cyrus Mocks Justin Bieber Sleeping Video click here to see lol looks so real but its not miley cyrus weird strange parody lool :


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