[ASMR] Fast & Aggressive Cranial Nerve Exam ~ Doctor Roleplay with Hearing, Eye, Face, Light Exams

Adonria ASMR
Published 10 months ago

Welcome in or Welcome back! In our video today we have a Soft spoken and Whispered Fast and Aggressive cranial nerve examination! Lots of fast paced tests and personal triggers throughout. We do eye examinations, Light triggers, Color tests, Scent tests, Hearing tests and a face examination

Sit Back and Relax and Enjoy this Top Quality Binaural ASMR Audio. It will help you relax and get loads of tingles ENJOY!
00:00 - Intro
00:15 - Welcome
00:51 - Orbital Exam
02:27 - Blood Pressure
03:20 - Blue Light Body Scan
05:22 - Eye Light Exam
07:33 - Follow My finger Test
09:24 - Letter Test
11:57 - Scent Test
14:43 - Blindfold Hearing Test
17:32 - Face Exam
18:41 - Face Exfoliation
20:19 - Follow Up

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