ASMR ✴ Sci-Fi MEDICAL EXAM before a CRYOGENIC SLEEP ✴ Crackling sounds, Body scan meditation

ASMR Darya
Published 4 years ago

Hello! Please, use a time code: 1:08 medical examination, 11:43 body scanning with sound assortment and light effects, 16:17 brain tests with different items. 28:55 cryogenic process ( sounds assortments, light effects and meditation).Thanks to my Subscriber for the idea to this video! To tell the truth, I tried to create a style of old school futuristic movies .. something like an old "Star trek" with paper self-made backdrops if you know what I mean))My acting in video is not perfect..I know .. but it was interesting to made it, so I hope you will enjoy in any case! First we will have a standard medical examination, then I will use my "special equipment" for full body scanning with light effects and sounds assortment for your relaxation.Then we will make a test to your brain work with some nice subjects. And finally I wil put you to cryogenic sleep by very effective meditation which I use myself!Crackling sounds of clothers and russian accent included)) P.S. It would be very interesting to reed your comments about how looks a future medical exam and how you imagine this topic..maybe I will make another one video with your ideas! because science fiction is not my strong side)) P.S.2 Russian version is coming soon on my Russian channel !
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