🍫 Bubble Wrapped Chocolate ASMR

Published 4 years ago

Hey lovely friends and fellow Tingleheads :) I have in my possession several boxes of Zenbunni chocolate, individually wrapped in bubble wrap. I couldn't bring myself to open the bubble wrap and eat the chocolate before making a video first, because I feel like the wrapped boxes and the sounds they make are perfect for ASMR! This is not a sponsored video, I just really like the Zenbunni company. The owners were so appreciative when they heard I was making this video, they provided a discount code for any of you who want to try their organic and environmentally conscious chocolate out! I hope you enjoy the video!

The discount code 'ALLY' is good for 15% off ANY Zenbunni candy order for the next 90 days. Enjoy using it at their website here: https://goo.gl/l6QtFA

Common triggers included: crinkling, tapping, soft speaking

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