ASMR Batra Friend | Mic kissing & whispering ASMR Ear Kisses & Whispers

ASMR Batra
Published 2 years ago

Mic kissing - asmr lip gloss application + tapping + mic kissing + positive affirmations (listen with headphones).

asmr wet mouth sounds and kissing mic. mic kisses and nibbling asmr.
asmr | boyfriend can’t stop kissing you (requested, 1 hour, tingles, sleep, comfort). asmr mic licking + kissing 👅. a bunch of people have requested another kissing video so here you are!
asmr || kissssesss 😘 | mic kissing, finger tip kissing, hand kissing & more!

asmr mic nibbling, wet kiss 💋💦and brush your face 👅.

Mic whispering - asmr mic pulling and inaudible whispers.
asmr ear to ear whispering + intense mouth sounds.
asmr intense up close whispering on the mic 🎙. asmr extra close-up whispering | soft mic scratching, mouth sounds, trigger words.

asmr scratching fluffy mic, upclose whispering, hand movements to help you relax ~ 💕. asmr| pure inaudible whispering & fluffy mic cover.
the mouth sounds and other triggers i do are inaudible whispering or unintelligible whispering kissing glass tapping microphone tapping finger fluttering lip smacking and breathing sounds.

in this video i am talking or whispering up close to the mic and every once in a while doing other mouth sounds.


mic kissing sensitive gentle new mic headrec asmrbliss asmr bliss relax Meditation Music for Sleep binaural beats mic eating MIC WHISPERING asmr deep sounds closeup ear attention up close ear attention asmr extra closeup whispering asmr intense mouth sounds asmr soft mic scratching ASMR Trigger Words asmr ear attention touch rode nt1

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