ASMR New Triggers to help YOU sleep & tingles - Brushing & Tapping & Whispering You To Sleep SOFT

ASMR Mermaid
Published 4 years ago

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Today I am sharing new ASMR video after some period - you can see in it new & old triggers that will help you sleep. As you can see I have new mic, please let me know how does it sound - do you enjoy it? I am watching ASMR a lot, it makes me feel really relax, so making my own video was really exciting too. I thing ASMR is helping a lot of people with their problems like insomnia & anxiety so I would like to support it also.
In this video you will see asmr triggers like: mic brushing, asmr talking, asmr whisper, asmr hair brushing, tapping, asmr trigger sounds, scissors, brush and lot more. I love making those asmr sounds, I prefer whisper and soft spoken but let me know what do you think. This asmr is made to help you sleep & help you relax, hopefully it will be some king of sleep meditation for you and give you a lot of tingles!

Please also let me know in comments which trigger from presented was the best one in your opinion and what else you would like to see in the future coze I am going to record a lot more videos!!!


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