ASMR Bonfire Night Special with Sparklers and Fire Sounds (Binaural - 3D Sound)

ASMR Angel
Published 9 years ago

Remember, remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and ASMR. Hello Lovelies, what are you all up to on this magical night? I've decided to stay in ...


accent asmr ASMR Angel ASMR whisper autonomous Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response binaural Binaural Microphone calm english gentlewhispering girl Goose Bumps help head tingles meridian nice noise noises omnidirectional relax relaxing requests response role play sensory sleep soft sounds Speaking spoken Talking tingles trigger triggers voice whisper Whisper ASMR woman sparklers bonfire flames 5th november fireworks crackle burn fire

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