ASMR Fast Aggressive Tapping (No Talking)

Published 4 years ago

Welcome back to my channel!! On my twitter poll, fast aggressive tapping was a popular choice so here I am with your demand!! I hope you enjoy, get tingles, get get the rest and sleep you deserve❤️

Clear phone case 00:06-04:54
Box of matches 04:56-08:58
Glass candle 09:03-13:30
Box of KT Tape 13:36-18:26
Aluminum case 18:31-22:10
Me tying my hair because it was SO HOT!!!😂 22:12-22:58
Faux leather wallet 23:08-25:02
Aluminum can 25:10-30:14
Glue bottle 30:21-33:49
Graphing calculator 33:56-36:10
Book 36:20-39:49


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