Holiday Stress Relief Pt.2 | Clay Mask Facial | Soft Spoken & Whispered

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Published 2 years ago

Good evening, my loves! This is part two of my holiday stress relief package for you, which is a deep cleansing clay mask. I'm using the “Aztec Secret” clay mask, which can be found on Amazon. This is not sponsored & I'm not getting paid for this, I personally use it almost every day to help quell breakouts from hormones & cystic acne and I feel this helps beyond anything I've tried before.

I'll be giving you a warm towel to steam up your face, mixing & applying the mask, and I added some guided relaxation into it as it “dries” to help further relax you. There is jar sounds, bottle tapping, fizzing, mixing, personal attention, et cetera, et cetera. All kinds of triggers for you, to help you unwind & destress during this holiday season!

The angle is this video isn't great, I am aware. I figured it would be more realistic to be slightly tilted as you would be receiving a real facial, but I forget how to orient myself to the camera! Hopefully you're mostly in it for the sounds :)

If you don't follow me on Twitter, I'll let you know here: I picked up a second job so I will have less time and motivation to film, therefore my schedule may go to once a week rather than the twice or more that I have been doing for a while. I'm hoping that this is just for the winter but it really just depends on my bills and budget, haha.

Requests: I am no longer taking requests because I felt that most of the requests were beyond my scope of doing based on my equipment and set up, so while I enjoy all your ideas, I'm not going to take requests because I do not want to let anyone down :)
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