ASMR ☃ Christmas Trigger Assortment ☃

Published 7 years ago

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MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone :D Time flies. I feel like I just uploaded last years Christmas special.

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0:00 Scratching & playing with a wreath + its ornaments (caution: extremely tingly ;))
6:16 Scratching a silicone snow man that lights up
12:17 Playing with my tingly advent calendar
18:47 Playing with ornaments (caution: very tingly, as well ;))
23:10 Christmas cookies (eating sounds & crinkles)
27:35 Playing with a sparkly cardboard box
29:24 Playing with Christmas-themed chapsticks
32:30 Playing with a crinkly bow
35:07 playing with stocking (tracing, among other things)


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