ASMR - EPIC TRIGGER FIGHT by TWINS! This will BLOW your MIND! Special Video - Part 3

Pelagea ASMR
Published 2 years ago

This is the last part of my series! A trigger fight between the White Snow Queen and the Dark Snow Queen! The Dark Snow queen wants to freeze the world and to turn all humans into Ice sculptures! And she wants you to help her! The White Snow Queen wants to save you and the world! But who is more convincend? This decision is up to you! There is an infobox in this video and you can vote which Snow Queen shall win! This Snow Queen will stream for you in the next life stream!

PS: Sorry for uploading it for the third time now! I'm totaly exhausted because I wanted to upload these videos before new year as a New Years present since I couldn't do a special project for christmas because of my sick back than! And I worked this week with almost no sleep! So that's why I made mistakes today! And My computer has a Virus or something either and nothing workes how it's should so that I couldn't controll it like I usually do! But this one is ok! Well, left and right aren't right but I couldn't fix that until new year anymore so I hope you are ok with it! I really wanted you to get it this year!! Feel LOVE and have a great new year!


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