liv and maddie full episode: 'Liv & Maddie' (Review) Song-A-Rooney

 Jessica  ASMR
Published 7 years ago

liv and maddie full episode 'Liv & Maddie' Song-A-Rooney Recap did you check it out on disney channel what an amazing show ever looks so great liv and maddie songs are 10 out of 10 because Dove Cameron as the best voice on the planet i'm her number one fan for real. what was your favorite part mine were when liv rooney is singing parts are the best so pretty and lovely voice she needs her own record deal I mean Dove Cameron does I so would buy her cd! I think my favorite liv and maddie episode would be this one song a rooney ! lets get to the break down of song a rooney what it all about well Liv's new music team takes a huge step in the wrong direction, causing her latest single to be a viral hit for all the wrong reasons. GREAT SHOW ! HUGE FAN!

I wanted to share a sentence to be positive and everyday people watch youtube videos but I think this will make you feel better:

no matter what anyone says you are an amazing person and great!


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