The Tingle Mart - a Fallout / Wasteland / Post-Apocalyptic Binaural ASMR performance

Ephemeral Rift
Published 7 years ago

Welcome to the Tingle Mart, Smoothskins! Owned and operated by Mordecai Kratz, one of the many Intelligent Ghouls that reside in the Underworld. The Mart offers unique items to travelers of the wasteland who might find them interesting, useful but more importantly relaxing and ASMR inducing. This fan-fiction performance is inspired by, and dedicated to, the Wasteland and Fallout series of post-apocalypse video games, and to all of their fans. The Tingle Mart is fictitious and does not exist in the games.

Tom Banwell (White Plague Doctor Mask):


In this video I wear my in-ear binaural microphones, so headphones are recommended. The audio will not match up to the video, and I did not flip the video to match the audio, because then the writing on the decorative life preserver would be backwards.

This was yet another last-minute improv of mine. I initially set out to re-record the previous Binaural ASMR shop that I took down (and which I will still re-record), but as I was gathering all of the props, including the military issue gas mask, I decided to do things differently at the last minute. Which is why I completely forgot about putting on face paint to cover my Smoothskin appearance. Hopefully you can invoke the suspension of disbelief in that regard. I felt like I did a decent Ghoul impression without killing my vocal chords or being too harsh to listen to. I'll revisit this character in the future. I also had to refresh my knowledge of the Fallout universe moments before I made the video. So there's a lot of references I left out or more I could have done in that regard but that gives me more to work with next time.

The name Mordecai Kratz was suggested by viewers as the name for my Plague Doctor character, but I already picked another suggested name. So I decided to put Mordecai to use. So thanks!

As far as Wasteland / Fallout are concerned, I played Wasteland when it came out on the Commodore 64 and I played the Fallout series as well, though I never finished #3 or the add-ons. One of the best video game series of all time, IMO.

I have more plans for this gas mask, including an ASMR performance based on The Last of Us video game, Zombie apocalypse and who knows what else.

Thanks for watching and I hope you find this enjoyable, relaxing and ASMR inducing.

Tingle on,



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