ASMR Bomb (∞ tingles)

Published 4 years ago

One morning I woke up and thought to myself:

''Ok. Today is the day I need to go shopping for some new props. Again.''

Shopping for ASMR items is nothing like buying regular grocery products, where you simply trow your stuff into the basket, go to the checkout, pay and voila - you are done.

Here you need to shake, scratch, squeeze and tap on every object before you decide to purchase it. Most preferably everything should be done close to your ear. At first it may not sound that weird, but if you imagine someone in a public place scratching doll's hair next to his ear, you would think that this person is either suffering from some kind of intellectual disability or that he is a drug addict who simply lost his grip on reality. Wouldn't you?

There are only a few dollar tree stores in my town so it is not hard to guess, that all of the sellers already know what happens every time when I visit them.

Through the last few years I've become almost totally immune to the weird and confused looks people give me every time they pass by me being in the process of evaluating the relaxing potential of the inanimate objects. It is interesting how they always want to protect their children urging them to hurry up with a gentle pat on the back. If they do not have any children they always seem to want to protect their goods laying in the bottom of their baskets from being tapped and scratched.

In the beginning it was really hard and uncomfortable for me, but after a few such explorations I managed to get used to it so much, that actually it has started to amuse me. Last time when I was diving in the huge box of plush toys I spotted an old deeply puzzled man looking at me. I had a really nice day, so I decided to blow him a kiss while scratching a belly of a pink teddy bear :D

The last thing I saw before he had fled, was him spitting out and saying aloud:



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