Relaxing Nature Journey & Walkabout #1 (Narrated) - Spring 2012 - Pennsylvania Woodlands

Ephemeral Rift
Published 12 years ago

Join me on a narrated soft spoken & whispered journey through the woodlands as we explore the various sights, sounds and textures of nature as we seek tranquility, spiritual renewing, healing, hopefully induce some ASMR tingles along the way and perhaps even provide some educational value. I also hope to bring the calming, peaceful beauty of nature and the beautiful sights and sounds into the lives of those who cannot visit places like these for whatever reason.

In this 75+ minute episode, we explore the sounds and textures of bark, moss, groundcover, grass and twigs while accompanied by the sounds of birds and trickling streams. And we are even gifted with a Pileated Woodpecker sighting! The first time I've ever seen or filmed one. And after feeling the natural good vibes, I also ramble and touch upon various topics from our purpose on this planet to love knowing no bounds.

This was filmed at Tyler Arboretum, Media, Pennsylvania, USA, in late March 2012.


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