ASMR - Kidnapping Roleplay 3 (Close Up Male Whisper, Scratching Fabric, & Beard to Blade Sounds)

Ricky Odriosola ASMR
Published 8 years ago

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Disclaimer: If you know that this type of video might offend you or trigger you in any negative way, DO NOT WATCH. Again, if you have been or know someone who has been kidnapped and know that this video might bring those memories, DO NOT WATCH!!! Please, just click the back button. There are plenty other videos you can watch on YouTube. Thank you.

In the third part of the kidnapped series, you are being forced to move. In the second half of the video you really get to see a sneak peak at how psycho your captivator really is. Running a knife across his face, beard, and neck as well as yours. Watch and see how he almost gets caught... almost. More to come.

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✱ Ton of close up whispering! I tried to whisper as low as possible so some parts sound inaudible. There will be face caressing with hands and knife. For those of you who like the sound of metallic blade running across a beards then you will get quite the treat towards the second half. The first half deals with leather gloves sounds, face caressing, and scratching scratchy fabric. ✱


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