ASMR Mildly Rude Haircut - [ fast and CHAOTIC ]

Miss Manganese ASMR
Published 4 months ago

welcome to the hair-salon! includes lots of random unpredictable chaotic personal attention amongst the haircutting.enjoyyy :p

try a custom video on my cameo :) Construct a video including all of your favourite triggers in the exact way you want them presented, for stronger tingles and better sleep. The customs are filmed vertically so its kind of different and sometimes tinglier :) at least I think so :D

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0:00 examining/ touching / preparing head - rambling 🤚
1:13 chopstick head massage 🥢
1:57 nonsensical measuring
2:49 pretend shampooing your hair 🧴
3:55 rubbing deodorant on your forehead
4:46 respect
5:09 pre-haircut earplug
5:47 fast chaotic frantic haircut and hair touching 💇‍♀️
7:00 mixing colours and bleach , cups
8:19 peroxide application + simultaneous follow my instructions
9:25 soothe burn with saline solution 🔥
10:10 freestyle hair-cutting 💍 ✂️
10:38 bleaching with paper
11:06 fast reading to you
12:10 revelation 🧘‍♀️
12:26 painting your nails
12:59 light , spray , oil
14:13 pretend blow dry
14:48 shaving you
15:03 HAIRCUT fast
15:29 upclose fast whisper dialogue


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