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Published 4 years ago

Messed with the settings a bit. Hopefully this is resolved in a few days (super sorry if this is too annoying, I'll re-record these in the future). ☭ Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, Vol. I. ☭ Episode 21 - Chapter 7 (Section 2) ✦ Please share with your comrades! Thank you for joining me here!! ^_^ There is plenty more information in this description, so feel free to review. Linen.

This series seems like it might take 80 weeks to complete. buckle in, it's a bumpy ride!)

This may be offensive to some. I'm not trying to draw up any revolt or anything crazy. All of my readings are to help people learn history and get some books and knowledge under their belts while enjoying ASMR.

My channel holds no alliances/affiliation to any specific political party. If you have something political which you would like me to read that is within the public domain, please let me know in the comments down below (There's quite a bit of a backlog to many book-readings, so I apologize, I think any further "long" book requests won't be able to be begun until December or later). I keep my own political opinions off my channel. People should be able to learn about philosophies, politics, and histories that others have experienced or influenced without getting offended.

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Parodies and outtakes allowed with permission only.

This book, and specifically, this version is in the public domain. This recording is not.

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Historical books made simple. Get through World History class or English class by listening to ASMR. Mandatory educational school reading for politics, history, economics, and philosophy.

My Frozen Dreamers deserve the best of ASMR, АСМР, AVRIC, or 音フェチ (depending on where you are from). Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a sort of sensation that is described as pleasant, tingly, and relaxing. It may even help with insomnia! I use Rodes (NT1-A) and a 3Dio in my various videos to help elicit these tingly sensations. Typically I use my 3Dio for my Midnight Freeze videos and my Rodes for the book club readings.

Sweet Dreams!


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