Two Girls One Mic: 2: The sequel: ASMR

Whisper Semantics
Published 3 years ago

Whisper Semantics ASMR
Here's a sequel to my last Two Girls One Mic ASMR video.
Mixed Triggers, inaudible whispering, tearing paper, inaudible whispering from a book, tapping glass bottle, metallic tapping of chip can, hair and skin sounds, cupping, latex gloves, plastic gloves, tape, mouth sounds, mouth popping, mitten fabric, ear massage, trigger words.

Recorded with a 3dio Freespace Mic.
Two Girls ASMR

Some of the segments loop around the halfway point... I told After Effects to make sure to flip the stereo channels so the opposite ears get the triggers, but it decided not listen to me. I had to manually alter it in the audio file after the halfway point... so the sound might not come out the proper sides during certain portions. There's also a ripping sound at a certain portion now where near where it should be. Sorry!

Due to the requests I've gotten I've been thinking about cutting together some of these that are specific triggers other than 'mixed' -- specifically one for 'inaudible whispering'... but I'm not sure how people will react to repeat footage being used.
At the very least I have enough inaudible/audible whispering footage from this video and the last one to make another one that's purely centered around inaudible whispering. Feel free to let me know what you think !

Whisper Semantics ASMR


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