ASMR: rambling while i search for bugs in ur ears🐛 (scalp checking, up-close whispers, mic fluffing)

pea ASMR
Published 4 days ago

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hi sweet peas!! happy saturday, i hope u enjoyed this video:)) i dont like bugs, but this week in school, i learned that maybe humans should start EATING them?? my teacher offered extra credit to anyone who would eat a freeze-dried cricket.... and you know i am all about that extra credit sooooo..... all i can say is i have never spit something out so fast. afterward, i told my boyfriend abt it and he said he is never kissing me again🥲
speaking of my boyfriend, guess what? i have finally peer-pressured him into making a video with me lol. i am so excited!! so you guys can expect to see a video like that in the near future....maybe a 20k special???
make sure you are getting enough sleep this weekend and remember there are NO bugs under your skin:p sleep well♡
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