ASMR Mouth Sounds - Lovely Licking, Ear Eating, Sucking Sounds! 3Dio Binaural

ღJessica ASMRღ
Published 2 years ago

Hi Guys! Today I'm creating different types of mouth sounds for you. I love you enjoy some interesting epic awesome licking ear eating sucking sounds for all my friends. This video will help you with sleep and relaxation. Near the end of the video I pretend to be a kitty roleplay just to be a little silly for you kisses love you.

I hope you enjoy the videos as I work very hard on them. I use an hd camera and 3dio Free Space Pro II Microphone. I also use other microphones as well.

Little about Me - I have years of experience working in mental health with special needs children and the elderly. I have completed college and university. I studied psychology and have lots of mental health experience.

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For viewer mail or business related contact - [email protected]


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