Warm Holiday ASMR ♡

Angels ASMR
Published 2 years ago

Merry Christmas my angels :'D Hope you have the most wonderful sleep tonight because you deserve it. I had fun walking around the craft store picking out these holiday inspired triggers for you guys to enjoy! I'm also still playing around with my DSLR to find a consistent quality I like so if every video changes lighting / etc then you know why LOL.

I'm actually waiting for my uber to the airport right now to catch a flight to Texas!! I'm praying this uploads faster GOGOGO!! Wataburger HERE I COME. Do I have any Texans in here? Oh I also filmed another ASMR video for you guys to listen to on New Years that I'm rather excited about :3

Thanks again for watching and reading, time to catch my flight! Happy holidays again!!! Eat a lot of food for me and follow my socials if you want to stay updated with my life:

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