ASMR WHISPERS: Tingly Shopping Haul 💄👟 | + 10 Binaural Triggers

Misschic ASMR
Published 1 year ago

Hola/Hello/Bonjour, I've been doing a bit of shopping since returning to the UK, and I thought I'd show you what I've bought! I make some sounds with different objects and whisper about them. This video has scratching, tracing, tapping, crinkling, sticky sounds, squishing, lid sounds, mic brushing, page turning and stroking. Please wear headphones for binaural (3D) sounds. ♥

00:17 - Introduction + canvas scratching
02:06 - Table tapping
03:00 - Shoe sounds (tapping & scratching)
06:40 - Lightbulb squishy (crinkling, sticky sounds & squishing)
09:12 - Sequin pencil case (tapping & scratching)
11:19 - Contour Palette (stroking & tapping)
08:27 - Brush Collection (tracing, crinkling, tapping & mic brushing)
18:13 - Gift set (tapping, stroking & lid sounds)
23:09 - Body glitter (tapping & tracing)
24:47 - Book sounds (scratching & page turning)
26:52 - Whispered goodbye + table stroking

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