NEW! ASMR Midnight questionnaire TYPING TINGLES - Soft spoken, tapping keybord, personal attention

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Published 4 years ago

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Today we will do together asmr roleplay online Midnight questionnaire with typing: Are you addicted to online shopping? It is soft spoken, I changed in 2nd part voive a bit, please let me know which one you prefer better? Why I did questionnaire video? Coze I really love questionnaires in general, I love when people are asking me questions & typing - it can be via phone or internet - it gives me extra tingles, so I decided to do one questionnaire video with personal attention for you guys, just to hel you relax after long day of work! If you like video please share it and add to your playlist, also let me know if you have any requests - I am open for your suggestions :)

Triggers that you can find in this video: Soft spoken, tapping keybord, personal attention, whisper, typing keybord.

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