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Published 4 years ago

Want to know some amazing weightloss hacks I've been using for the last 5 years? I list 12 on here but I have many more as well!! These helped me SO much and many of them are now a habit I have developed. Weight loss is a journey, don’t expect results right away. One healthy meal won’t make you skinny just like one cheat meal won’t make you fat. Just be consistent and the results will show. In the one picture I was 220 pounds.... my heaviest I’ve ever been, and in the right picture I am 140, almost a 100 pound difference!!! So these hacks WORK.

If you need help achieving your fitness goals and want to invest in yourself, email me. I am a certified ISSA personal trainer. I create training plans, meal plans, or macronutrient plans all customized to your body & health requirements. Proven results. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE.

ASMR TRIGGERS in this video: close whispering 😘

~ Naomi

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Here is a link to a great weight loss program! Check it out

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