Max the Cockachon

Published 10 years ago

max is a 3 1/2 year old cockachon (cocker spaniel/bichon frise mix).


about 6 months ago, my grandmother (who was my mother and my only family) died. I was upset, but needless to say my mother was devastated. In order to cheer her up, we took a trip to the pound and looked at some dogs. We liked a few but there were none that felt like "the one" for us. Finally, my mother spotted a little white matted dog in a cage in the corner. The volunteer from the shelter (who called him "Fritz" at the time) explained that he was a special dog, they had found him wounded in the street and nursed him back to health. No one came to claim him. The odd thing was that he was an especially sweet dog, playful, family friendly, mellow, and all-around had the best personality she'd ever seen, but no one had adopted him. Unable to bring themselves to put him down, everyone in the shelter agreed to keep him there and let him live... for four months. This was the first time there had been an exception to the rule that all dogs not adopted within three weeks get put down. Nobody could explain why he was there so long...

..when we saw him, immediately we saw grandmas sweet, loving eyes (and puffy white hair). He nursed my mother back to emotional health in a matter of months, and has become a loyal and beloved member of our family. Everyone who meets him, from friends to strangers off the street, falls instantly in love with him.

As soon as we took him home, we understood exactly why he had been left there so long; He had bee waiting for us.


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