Tutorial Tingles: DIY Vinyl Album Clock - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Ear to Ear, Sticky Fingers, Crinkling

Published 8 years ago

Hello, friends and fellow Tingleheads :D In this Tutorial Tingles I'll be constructing a cool idea I found on Pinterest for a Father's Day gift. It's taking an old vinyl record and transforming it into a wall hanging clock! What's great is that vinyl records and their slip covers have a lot of tingly sound potential. So, I hope this video works for you and I hope you learn something new and cool in the process. Enjoy, friends!

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Here's the link to the blog post I referred to for this project: http://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2013/05/vintage-record-clock.html

Common triggers included: soft speaking, whispering, crinkling, focused tasks, tapping, scratching

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