Blanket Fort ASMR: Part Two! (Cosy Fabric Sounds, Blowing Bubbles, Scottish Accent)

Bright Grey ASMR
Published 4 years ago

"But where's Part One?", you cry, distraught (I may be embellishing). Part One was my contribution to Jellybean Green ASMR's exclusive playlist, which you can gain access to by donating - all proceeds go to the Houston Food Bank, a great way of helping out those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The link is here -

I enjoyed making the first video so much that I made another for my channel. It features fabric sounds, hand sounds, blowing bubbles, glass lightbulb tapping, and binaural ear to ear whispering and soft speaking in a Scottish accent. Hope you enjoy your time in the fort. Please take off your shoes.

Much love!

The last ASMR video I loved:

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