MinxLaura123 ASMR
Published 8 years ago

I am Minxlaura123. I am from the United Kingdom. Hello and welcome to my channel. I make videos to help people to relax, fall asleep and to experience tingles tingles tingles and of course to make people smile!
I do various kinds of ASMR videos .. including role play, massage, VLOGS, personal attention etc and all my vids are recorded on my super amazing Binaural microphone so you the viewer get the best clear sounds :)
Please subscribe to my channel and enjoy the videos. Please get involved and leave comments / send messages .. it's always GREAT to hear from my lovely viewers.
I wanna add a special mention to my friend and fellow asmr artist Cindy who made this trailer video for me - Please check out her channel she is great .
Hugs to all my viewers and have fun being in the ASMR community :) :)

Also .. on my channel I wanna do some paranormal themed videos .. ghost hunting.. spooky stories etc .. those videos will be NOT be asmr..

add me on facebook - for channel updates .. competitions.. photos and more


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