Pure Sounds For Sleep Part 2 (ASMR)

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! Here is the second part of the video I made while sick---so there's no speaking in it (I am also a little tired in this video). I hope you get tons of tingles! As always, sorry about the copious amounts of editing, any audio lags, white noise, and troll cat interruptions. Happy Viewing!

Part 1 is here:

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For those who need a quick fix:
0:33-9:26 OLD Pez Dispensers
9:43-18:44 Chalk Board and Chalk
19:08-25:45 Oil Candle/Potion Container
26:09-30:55 Super Heavy Hard Cover Book Tapping and Page Turning
31:07-35:43 Plastic Card Sleeve Pages Tapping and Page Turning
35:55-38:36 Faux Flowers
38:54-42:25 Belt Buckle
42:41-44:19 Bean Bag Soccer Ball


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