ASMR Doing Your Makeup w/ Lights (crazy light triggers)

Published 5 months ago

Hi there! Tonight I'll be I'll be doing your make up but instead of using normal make up products and tools, I'll be using a variety of lights! Relax and get ready to glow up ✨ If you're sensitive to light at all, I don't recommend watching this video since there are a lot of bright/flashing light moments ⚡️I hope you enjoy 💛

(I'm so sorry about the autofocus issues in this video!)

Goodnight x

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What is ASMR?
“Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”
The relaxing static-like ‘brain tingles’ experienced by some people at the back of the head or down the spine in response to specific visual or audio triggers.

Thank you ❤︎
Whether you've been watching for a while or only just arrived, you're so welcome here and I truly appreciate your support. I hope I can help promote a state of physical and mental well-being, you deserve it! Much love x

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