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Fairy Char ASMR
Published 3 years ago

Hi! I'm back! I missed you guys so much! Fortunately, I got to see my best friend who has inspired me to become a much better person. She's the reason I am Fairy Char :').. I haven't seen her in 3 years. Unfortunately, I was ill just 4 days on my trip. After getting back, I got a cold so whispering was hard and I couldn't make a video for you guys until now. But on to better thoughts, France was amazing! I loved the nature and the city. The people were memorable. It's always nice to experience people from different cultures. You always learn and expand on your world and surroundings and it's just amazing. I'm very grateful to know French people. I was sad to leave because I was just getting to understand a little better and speak a little better. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tapping. My voice should be better soon and I can make more videos! Love you lots!

On another note, I wanted to share that I got the super cool experience of making a wedding video for my best friends last month. It took me a week to make and I couldn't sleep for the last week just so I could make so many final touches and changes. Props to people who make wedding videos, OMG. You spend like 200 hours on a single 7 minute clip. It was so worth it though. I really wanted to show you guys but I thought it's best to give my friends some privacy. Just wanted to share that I got a cool experience making a video outside of ASMR that other people could enjoy =D

Thank you, Daniel K., Daniel A., Dion A., Joshua S., Toby, Richard C., PDurling, Michael D., Allen R., Cody, Jason V., Brandon S, Jake B., Russell M., Thehug0naut, Alexanderness, Tore B. and all my patrons for supporting my videos.

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