ASMR After The Battle: Sci-Fi Suit Repair Role Play For Relaxation (Binaural) (Reupload)

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Please read my blog post for information on why this is reuploaded:
"Lights will guide you home...and I will try to fix you."---ColdPlay Hello everyone! This ASMR video features: Ear to Ear Whispering, Ear Massage, Ear Brushing, Ear to Ear Soft Speaking, Typing, Loads of Binaural Sounds (that have been fan favorites---pop rocks, insulation hose, stone butterfly, magic 8 ball, happy sad onion man, latex gloves, rotary phone and cord, etc), Rain, Fire, Ice, Water, and lots of Electronic/Robotic Sounds. This vid is my tribute to the video game "Halo", Gundam Wing, Iron Man, and any other heroes who use suits of mechanical armor to save the world. If you used to play Halo online some years back, you might have played with me---I was the one saying "I am not a little boy!" and "Protect meeee!" This is the role play I have been working on for the last month, and it is my last role play of 2013. I used close to 160 different sounds, and I was using different/new software and techniques. Often I was left feeling quite inept (since I don't take well to learning new tech stuff), and there might have been tears of frustration shed making this...but for better or worse, I saw it through (with the help of some very wonderful asmrtists, and also a real life friend who wouldn't let me give up---thank you). I took a lot of viewer feedback into account (as far as trying to balance out speaking and sounds). I truly hope it works for you. Happy Viewing!

I must give a huge thank you to johnrabbit83 who created the channel intro animation using a piece of art made for me by a wonderful woman named Celia. Both gave me these gifts randomly, and I am forever grateful. This is another example of how you help me create and evolve this channel. It's a team effort, and I have the best teammates on the internet.

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