ASMR Intense Gum Chewing & Mouth Sounds + Whisper

Quiet Sprite ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Hi guys! It''s Q. Happy Saturday :) This was a slightly impromptu video, but I still enjoyed making it. Making videos takes some warming up, and I already feel a little less shy, and a little more myself in front of the camera. There seems to be a rather low noise in the background- I think it's my fan in combination with the mic picking up natural noises. Also, at one point my roommate turns on the water. :p

This video is super gum chewing intensive. So, if it's not your trigger, no worries. I'll tackle yours soon :)

So looking forward to this journey with you. See you very soon! And again, thank you for checking out my video, and thank you for subscribing if you did. It means a ton.

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