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Published 2 years ago

Hey there Everybuddy! 🤗
Don't miss next week's album episode! It will be the Season Finale of Season 1 of my Album Collection Series!
For more details, you can skip to " 26:00 " in this video, and I will tell you all about it! ♥♥♥

Enjoy this time with me while I show you an album from my collection!

If you are interested in checking out this Band, here are some of my favorite songs by them:

(From This Alum)

♥♥Dreams (Remastered Version)

♥Go Your Own way (Remastered Single)

♥The Chain

♥Second Hand News

♥Don't Stop

♥Song Bird

♥You make loving fun

♥Never Going Back Again

♥Gold Dust Woman (Remastered Version)

♥I don't want to know

♥Oh Daddy

(Other TOP Favorites♥)

♥♥Everywhere (Remastered Version)

♥♥Hold Me (Remastered Version)

♥♥Nothing Without You

♥Silver Springs

♥Gypsy (Remastered Version)

♥Seven Wonders (Remastered Version)

♥Landslide (Lyrics)

♥Little Lies (Remastered Version)

♥Say You Love Me

♥(Also check out this song, it always puts me in a great mood..most of you probably know it!!)

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You can find this album on Amazon here:

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I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a relaxing night of sleep!
Until next time!


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