ASMR. The Facebook Ordeal (Binaural, Close Whisper, Soft Spoken, Tapping) HD, 3D Sound

Brittany ASMR
Published 8 years ago

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Hi, guys. This video addresses the recent issue and change with my Facebook profile. I no longer have a profile, but a page, because privacy concerns became too great for me when Facebook required me to provide government issued ID to be a member of Facebook, and also decided that my privacy was not of any importance. Because of that, I now have a "Page" which is slightly different. However, we can still connect there, and that is what's important. Please like the following page if you want to stay in contact with me!
If you don't that is totally fine, or if you are against Facebook, I also have many other social media connections that are available in the links at the top of this description. I apologize for all the trouble this has caused my Facebook friends, or if any of you were worried that I blocked you or something like that.

Apart from those things, I also tried to make this a trigger video, since I do realize that the majority of you were not friends on Facebook with me and the recent change does not affect you. I did want to make this video pleasant for you guys as well, so I included some asmr trigger sounds like tapping, scratching, lid sounds, close whispering ear to ear as well as soft speaking, and some other triggers too. ^_^ I really hope this video is something you can relax to despite the subject matter.

Again, one final apology to those of you affected in this change. I will miss the interactions I had with SO many of you. You really made this past year a great time for me, and I walk away from this with a lot of true friends. For that I thank you.

Please stick around. It would mean a lot to me.
Take care.


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