RE-UPLOAD - Unboxing an ASMR surprise! :) Soft spoken, crinkling, sticky fingers, tapping

Published 8 years ago

***This is a re-upload of my binaural microphone unboxing. The original contained a factual error about the mic and I didn't want to leave it out there, so I corrected it in this version. In the previous version, I mentioned that this mic requires external power, but I was mistaken -- it is self powered by a battery and could actually be damaged with the use of external power.

Original description:

G'day, my fellow Tingleheads! Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram are already aware that a mystery package showed up recently and I've been waiting to open it up so I can share the experience with you all! The item inside will help improve the experience of my ASMR videos, so please join me as I unbox it for the first time, and also crinkle and play with the packaging material :) Enjoy!

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Common triggers included: soft spoken, crinkling, sticky fingers, tapping, whispering

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