Simulated Scalp Massage ASMR (hair brushing, head massage, personal attention)

Published 4 years ago

Hello, my dears. This is my first asmr video. Asmr Simulated Scalp Massage with binaural sound whispersred and asmr scalp scratching and hair brushing
I hope my scalp massage will satisfy you :)

I tried my best, but i know there is a lot of work ahead of me.
Work on better quality of videos and on my channel.
Together we can make best asmr videos :)
I will try to be better with each movie and achieve progress.

Also I would like to say that English is not my first language, so I am asking for your indulgence.

There is nothing left to say for now :)

And if You like it please support me with like and sub :)



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