ASMR E liquid juice show & ramble Ear to Ear With Trigger Sounds 🎧

PassionFlower ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone i hope you`re all well. Here in this asmr i have for you.
I am showing my e liquid juice and a little ramble i am sorry about
the sound in some areas of the video i am still working on the best
set up on this blue yeti and this microphone is very sensitive but next
video i will make sure its gone.

Also i talked a bit about heather father in this video i am just a big fan
of hers also i say it was a big milestone for her its the other way round lol
its a big milestone for me as she put one of my videos in her newest videos
which you can find here link below.

Trigger sounds - Rubber gloves , whispering up close , lid opening and

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