Time Travel Tingles: Miyazaki in the Oculus Rift - ASMR - Binaural, Soft Spoken, Fabric Sounds

Published 8 years ago

Hello, my fellow Tingleheads! It’s been a while since the last Time Travel Tingles, but you may remember that I told you this one would be an “Ally’s Choice,” and I chose someone whose films fill me with warm-fuzzies and nostalgia: Hayao Miyazaki! This Time Travel Tingles is a special one, though. In addition to sharing some items related to his films, I also take you into the gorgeous, peaceful world of “My Neighbor Totoro” using the amazing Oculus Rift and a demo of the film’s adorable bus stop scene. So relax and enjoy! :)

In-demo footage of "Totoro" was used with permission of the demo creator. The demo was created by the amazingly talented Nick Pittom (aka RedofPaw), check out his Wordpress & more demos here: http://goo.gl/bKlP3k

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I've had people ask about my binaural mic, so for those interested in knowing more about it, here's a link to the company's website: http://goo.gl/n5vMpJ

Common triggers included: 3D sound, ear-to-ear, whispering, tapping, sticky fingers, plush sounds

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