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Published 1 year ago

This video is introducing you to my new bear! He’s a big, cuddly, purple bear! I just don’t know what to name him, so I could use your help! Suggest a name for my bear, and if I choose your suggestion, I will send you a smaller bear in the mail! Comment down below with your name suggestion, your Instagram, and your actual name so I can shout you out! Please go follow me on Instagram @gracefulasmr_official so I can contact you privately to get your mailing address. Can’t wait to see all the fun name suggestions!

Have the best day you can have! You are special! Remember to BE KIND to everyone and God bless you! ✨🌟✨
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I started my channel after watching a Mr. Rogers video at 7 years old, and realized it was my very first ASMR experience! From then on, I was hooked! I decided I wanted to give others the wonderful relaxation and calming ASMR has given me. I just love helping people!

I'm trying to build my channel so I can help as many people as possible. The goal of this channel is to be a place that everyone can come to relax and feel at peace. I hope I can give you this.

I feature my moms essential oils in some of my videos. I have had issues with anxiety, and trouble sleeping for a few years, and the combination of ASMR and essential oils has helped me like crazy!!
If you are interested in learning more about how essential oils can work for you, please contact my mom, Jennifer, at [email protected] There is also a link in my ABOUT section of my channel that will send you to her office to become a member of Young Living. 🍋🌱

Write to me! I love getting all kinds of mail! I plan to do box opening videos every so often to share with all of you what I receive, and to give my fans shout outs!📪📫📬

Graceful ASMR
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I also have a Paypal button. This helps me buy new equipment and supplies to make my videos better. Every little bit helps!

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Please sit back and enjoy! I'm so grateful for all the love!
And remember, Grace changes EVERYTHING! Try to do everything with Grace in your heart!❤️

Love & Hugs,
Maddie Grace
Graceful ASMR 🧚🏻‍♀️


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