ASMR Leather, Lace & Latex Sounds of The Matrix Binaural ASMR Whisper

ASMR Psychetruth
Published 8 years ago

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INTENSE! Crinkle Sounds Leather, Lace & Latex Matrix Shirt Binaural ASMR Whisper Ear to Ear

Corrina is a huge Matrix fan and she has been collecting clothes to use for a Matrix Role Play video. We used our new microphones to get the ASMR sounds of leather, lace and latex gloves crinkling along with the sounds of hand motions brushing hair and lace gloves caressing skin. This was inspired by Gentlewhispering’s Crinkle Crinkle Lil Shirt…” Video. We wanted to get the sounds of clothes crinkling. This video was recorded at 60fps or 60p for smooth motion.

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Featuring Corrina Rachel

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