Whisper ASMR Kisses, Head Massage & Head Scratching Sounds Soft Spoken Girlfriend Roleplay Vacation

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Published 4 years ago

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"I love this room...yes, I'm really looking forward to spending the weekend here with you. I know, this week was stressful. Yes...I'm looking forward to cuddles...and kisses...and just relaxing here with you this weekend. Soo...the bed looks really comfortable. Yeah, I love the hotel pillows...come over here and put your head on my lap and I'll give you a scalp massage..."

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you're all having a great day! You've all been enjoying my massage audios so much lately, I thought you might like another vacation themed audio. After a long and stressful week we decide to take stay at a hotel over the weekend where I give you a nice, relaxing head massage and even some soothing, quiet head scratches. This relaxing roleplay is full of personal attention as we cuddle up together on the bed, full of soft spoken, loving words, gentle ear to ear whispering, and tons of your favorite ASMR kisses and breathing sounds!

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Whisper ASMR Kisses, Head Massage & Head Scratching Sounds Soft Spoken Girlfriend Roleplay Vacation (Ear To Ear Whispering) (Gentle Whispering) (Ear To Ear ASMR) (Intense ASMR Kissing Sounds)

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