ASMR Male Beard Massage (Personal Attention) Rubber Gloves

ASMR Creations
Published 4 years ago

Hope you guys enjoy this male beard massage, the rubber gloves i think really bring out the sound of the beard.

I've had a few questions concerning my channel name that need to be addressed. My channel name is related to my many freckles and how it appears to look like the speckles & holes on a cracker, its no where related to what you might be thinking & i apologize for any misunderstandings.

Please wear headphones 😊
What is ASMR? [Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response]
It feels like a brain massage, you get head tingle from different sounds deepening on what your trigger is. You can feel these tingles in your spine as well as other places on your body.
Not everyone experiences asmr some listen for relaxation and to fall asleep.

(AA VFX) Link Below

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