A Glam Shotz Makeover & Clothes Fitting with Salmon (Binaural ASMR Role Play)

Published 7 years ago

Welcome to Glam Shotz, the number one glamour portrait destination! You've ordered the "Glam Slam Photo Package" which includes a head-to-toe makeover with one of our professional glamour consultants! You'll be working with Salmon today - she's here to style your hair, do some light makeup, and help you choose your wardrobe and props for this special-occasion shoot! So sit back, relax and let Salmon take great care of you. Don't worry...she's a true professional.

For those interested in past videos where Salmon has appeared or has been referenced, here are video links below:

Video appearances:

Modeling Photo Shoot: http://goo.gl/LDKSiW
Holiday Shopping: http://goo.gl/ZYpxiA

Video references:

Psychic Training Center: http://goo.gl/SEhgm5
Clothes Fitting: http://goo.gl/5K0JeO
FX Makeup Artist: http://goo.gl/zAxgde

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Common triggers included: soft speaking / spoken, whispering, ear to ear, personal attention, scratching, fabric sounds, face brushing, hair styling,

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