Faux Fur Fun: Pop Rocks, Shave Cream, Spray, Hair Cutting and Shampoo Massage ASMR Sounds

ARDRA -asmr-
Published 3 years ago

Let me take this opportunity to thank Ally ASMRrequests https://www.youtube.com/user/ASMRrequests for shouting me out and welcome to all the new subscribers! HAPPY 100,000 subscribers! Thank you so much, for everything. Be seeing you ;) Looking forward to catching up.

7:42 Shave gel in fur
15:44 Hair mousse, gel and pop rocks
34:23 Cutting the fur
37:48 Lathering and shaving the fur
58:02 Einstein's hair cut
1:09:05 Guy's shampoo head massage


asmr hair cut hair massage shampoo sleep anxiety depression tingles relaxation sounds whispering ear to ear shave cream razor shave

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