ASMR Trigger Test (time stamp in description)

Published 8 years ago

I hope that you will enjoy this trigger test video. This video represents a very few basic set of triggers. There are easily hundreds more that I hope to incorporate in some of my future videos. If you have a trigger that was not shown here or your own favorite trigger words, please let me know about them!

0:48 - Trigger Words/Sounds
8:04 - Inaudible Whispering
9:43 - Microphone Brushing
11:38 - Wet Mouth Sounds
12:25 - Sticky Finger Sounds
13:40 - Hand Rubbing / Lotion Sounds
14:04 - Writing / Pen Sounds
15:16 - Magazine Crinkling / Page Turning
19:43 - Putting On / Taking Off Gloves
21:33 - Tapping (on an iPad)
23:50 - Opening and Closing Lipstick
25:10 - Salt in a Ziploc Bag (link to TheWaterWhispers video below)
27:20 - Match Lighting / Fire Crackling
29:39 - Crunching/Crinkling Tea Bag
31:25 - Folding Paper / Scissors Cutting
33:16 - Aluminum Foil Crinkling
34:31 - Eating Sounds

I first saw the salt in the Ziploc bag trigger from Ilse who is on YouTube as TheWaterWhispers. The link to that video is here:

What is ASMR and why am I whispering? GREAT question. Check it out here :


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