Banana noms and smiles while stretching - my best banana face

ASMR Cherry Cupcake
Published 1 week ago

I tweaked my shoulder/neck earlier and now I am having an enforced rest and therefore, that means I can bring you silliness aplenty. Admittedly, I may actually delete this but a lot of you have seen my banana face photographs and so here I am with banana in mouth. I'm currently sort of laying down with some stinky unguent plastered across my shoulder and neck and I therefore smell rather medicated and eucalyptusy...which is not helping my hunger and nor is it helping the fact that I accidentally sort of forgot not to rub my eye after applying said stinky unguent and now I have a sore eye as well. With all of that in mind and because I'm not even able to dress properly as yet...I present to you, my banana noms with smiles, during stretching. I do not advocate eating whilst stretching but this was at the end of my session and it was just for a little snootch of time. One shouldn't really use the word 'snootch' at the same time as, but I wanted to and so I did.

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Cupcake...either Cherry or Banana depending on the day

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