ASMR ~ Oh So Relaxing! ~ Tapping on Various Objects and Lighting Matches

Emily G
Published 8 years ago

Hey Tingle-seekers! This video is pretty straight-forward; I light and extinguish matches for the first few minutes and then I tap on random objects with my long black claws for the rest of the video. Times for each of the objects are below. Enjoy and happy relaxing! (。・ω・。)

1:38-5:48 Burning matches and extinguishing in water
6:10 Tapping on books
8:32 Tapping on catnip ball
10:53 Tapping on glass jar
13:40 Tapping on album cover
17:03 Tapping on glass dish and candles
20:41 Tapping on aluminum/tin lid
22:56 Tapping on plant in pot
25:42 Tapping on small cardboard box and plastic watch
28:58 Turning about seed packets (sounds like rain stick)


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