[ASMR] Tira (SOULCALIBUR VI) drawing Taki | Pen on paper sounds | Train ambiance | Stereo sound

Published 5 years ago

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Hey, it's been quite a while since I made previous one. I already explained myself on Twitter, but I might as well write some apology here.

I'm the kind of person who approaches new challenges very enthusiastically. The problem is, that this enthusiasm usually burns out very quickly, and "SFM ASMR" case was no different. I kinda threw myself into deep water as I tried to make a Zenyatta roleplay as my first voiced video. I ended up getting frustrated and I kinda lost interest in making these videos, so I stopped.

During my absence I noticed that a lot of people enjoyed my videos, most popular vids have reached almost 20k viewcount (which is crazy for me, btw). I thought I may as well try to take a different approach with this channel and do not rush anything.

Here's the thing I worked on lately. Hope you like it.


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